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Recycling Services

The team at Advantage are dedicated to recycling as much of the waste we collect as possible.

We are currently looking into the viability of a kerbside cardboard collection scheme in the East Devon area.  

A kerbside recycling service is something that we have been looking to establish for the last couple of years.

Many people comment that the council should be making cardboard one of the items that is recycled with their existing weekly collections.  The council is currently clear that they will not be incorporating cardboard into their collections in the near future due to cost constraints.  They have chosen to focus on other items such as glass and plastic as these items take far longer to decompose if they are sent to landfill.

This is where we feel that a private collection service could bridge that gap.  Many people would like to recycle more but do not have the time or sometimes the transport to take their cardboard recycling to the local recycling centre.  Our proposal is that for a small fee we would collect the cardboard from your home and recycle it.

How would the scheme work and what will it cost?

Based on the research we have done we believe that most households would need a fortnightly collection. 

We would have an arranged day to collect and as with the bin collection we would ask that the cardboard is out for collection by 7am in the morning.  We would provide you with a bag to place the cardboard in.

The cost of each collection would be £2.  We feel that this price reflects the value of the service, and would most likely be a similar cost in time and fuel for those who already take their cardboard to the recycling centre.

We are very excited to finally be getting this venture up and running.  We will be dropping leaflets through doors in the coming week and hope to have enough interest to make our first collections during the first week of March.

If you would like to use this service then please do get in touch either by email to or by phone on 01404 823417 and I will be happy to get your collection booked in!

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We look forward to hearing from you!